The Chromatic Endpin (with Spiked Tip)

An adjustable, angled endpin that allows the bassist to alter the height of the bass like a traditional endpin and also change the way the bass balances, without any modifications to the bass.

Now features a sharpened steel tip for bassists who like to "spike in" when possible. 

This allows the bassist to experiment at home and find an optimal playing posture and bass setup. As your technique progresses, you can quickly and easily adjust The Chromatic Endpin to accomodate your needs.  

Kit Includes:
-Notched 10mm, notched 12mm, or smooth 1/2" endpin*
-Adjustable Joint
-4" Lower Rod
-6" Lower Rod
-Free Carrying Pouch

Technical information is available here



Category: accessories, bass, double bass, endpin, hardware

Type: Bass Endpin