Chromatic Production will be changing

Chromatic Production will be changing

October 19, 2018

This is Emilio Guarino here, the bass player behind the Chromatic Endpin. It's a project that's had a tremendous impact for me personally, as well as on each of the bass players who now use one. 

I still plan to continue to produce the endpin as long as there is a demand for it. 

That said, I've learned a tremendous amount about running an online business as well as grown as a musician since the launch of the endpin in 2017.

Chromatic Production will be expanding in a way that reflects that growth. Beyond the usual bass player activities like performing and teaching, I have been cultivating a music community that means the world to me, as well as producing more and more electronic music. 

There are some new projects that are going to be folded into the mix, new products in the works, and possibly some new collaborators coming on board. It's a tremendously exciting time so stay tuned to watch how it evolves!